Adult Chinese Calligraphy Class

Pick the day for your class – Adult Chinese Calligraphy Class at Pro Arts.


Oakland Freedom Jazz Society

Oakland Freedom Jazz Society has relocated to Pro Arts and will host the event every Monday.


Deleuze & Guattari Reading Group

Every second Tuesday of the month – Deleuze & Guattari reading group, led by Pablo Manga.


Shapes & Patterns by Saw Ledoh

New commission: Saw Ledoh will be in Artist Residency with Studio Lab Residency at Pro Arts Gallery & COMMONS, developing his new work Shapes & Patterns to premier in downtown Oakland and as part of the Pro Arts @ the commons outdoor public program in 2021.


Kathleen King: Aided, Inspired, Multiplied

Feb. 7 – Mar 6, 2020 – Solo Exhibition by Oakland native, Kathleen King.


Meet the Designers: Made in Oakland

Sunday, Jan 26 – Meet the Designers: Made in Oakland is a series of Sundays presentations and meet-up events that take place at Pro Arts Gallery & COMMONS.


#we music – a talk and performance series of queer perspectives

Wed, Jan 29, 7- 9 PM – a talk and performance series of queer perspectives hosted by Richard Loranger


A commons culture speculative to Oakland year 16

Join Marc Herbst with guest participant Robby Herbst for a several day’s exploration of the ethics-poetic nature of the shared cultural commons that Pro Art Gallery and Commons will participate in 23 years from now. This, a common culture generated as a result of meaningful and necessary responses to the way that capitalism’s paired eco-economic crisis particularly expresses itself in the Bay.


fight to #FreeLiyah

First Friday – Feb. 7th, 2020: Join us for First Friday at Pro Arts Gallery & COMMONS to spread the word about the fight to #FreeLiyah. Look out for Liyah’s campaign art, projected outside of the gallery! We’ll be talking to folks about the need to #FreeLiyah. You will also have the opportunity to send her notes of support or donate to her commissary.


Live Electronic Music & The Art of Patching with Pure Data

Sunday, Feb. 9th, 2020: This workshop by Brazilian visiting artist Alexandre Torres Porres presents a library for the Pure Data programming language – an open source visual programming environment for interactive computer music and multimedia.



May 1- Jun 26, 2020 – An exhibition and related performances features Bodil and Larnie Fox which revolves around notions of chance, indeterminacy, and luck.


The Techno-Tamaladas

Learn, make, eat & share tamalas as part of a participatory project by Praba Pilar.


Field and Surge

June – September, 2020: “Field and Surge” is a research-led landscape intervention at the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza in Downtown Oakland. The project engages the plaza’s most abundant resource, its 10,000 sq ft manicured grass lawn, as an affective, speculative and experimental site for public gathering.


Anastasios Logothetis: Post-Anthropocene Creature No.5

With his first solo exhibition in California, Anastasios Logothetis asks: What if we can tame ourselves to become hybrids? Here we are then, a proposition of a future for our present. An artwork as an avatar, living in the planes of immanence as a “Trans-Biological Agent.”