Diana Marto: Jaguars and Angels – Canto XXVI, PART TWO

Apr 13 – May 18 – Diana Marto presents Part Two of her Canto series, and will feature site-specific installations and performances that will evolve throughout the duration of the exhibit.


Sofie Ramos & Phillip Maisel

Apr 13 – May 18 – Ramos and Maisel emphasize repetition, mistakes, and reconstruction, as well as the importance of layers, multiple vantage points and infinite truths.


MOCREP+ Readymaids + Chris Wood + Brendan Glasson

Apr 27 – $5-10 Chicago-based Mocrep creates collaborative performances with Readymaids, Chris Wood, and Brendan Glasson.



May 1 – L.M. Bogad repurposes the structure of role-playing games to draw audience members to reenact scenarios from historical social movements. Part of the “Imagining Post-Capitalism” Festival


Precarious Labor Films

May 1 – select shorts from P2P Fightsharing III: Precarity will be shown at the New Great Wall of Oakland; part of the Imagining Post- Capitalism Festival


Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival

May 1 – May 6, 2018 –Produced by Pro Arts in collaboration with Shaping San Francisco, the “Imagining Post-Capitalism” hybrid festival/summit will bring together activists, artists, and the general public to explore a future without capitalism. The festival/summit will take place in Oakland and San Francisco, CA.


Brown Bag Lunch Series

May 2-4 2018 – Impromptu conversations in a pleasantly landscaped outdoor setting; part of “Imagining Post-Capitalism” Festival.


Do Androids Dream of Surplus Value?

May 2 – Kal Spelletich & Eddie Yuen give a performative lecture, in which people interact with robots; part of the “Imagining Post-Capitalism” festival,


Intentions by Eva Davidova

May 3 – An interactive projection/installation on Oakland’s City Hall; part of the Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival


The Body as Resistance : Titania Kumeh & Jade Ariana Fair 

As part of the Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival (May 1-6, 2018), produced by Pro Arts in collaboration with Shaping San Francisco, we are excited to present The Body as Resistance : Titania Kumeh & Jade Ariana Fair. The Body as Resistance features the work of two radical local performance artists and cultural practitioners: Titania Kumeh & Jade Ariana Fair. […]


Never Work

May 4 – Toast your friends and frenemies with Molotov-style cocktails and binge on let-them eat cake at Beneficial State Bank. Part of the Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival


Diana Marto Solo Performance: Jaguars and Angels-Canto XXVI

May 4 – A 3-tiered installation of paper drawings will be suspended in the space inside of which the artist will perform and sing


SF/Tiburon Ferry Multi-Media Art Experience

May 5 – readings, videos and animated presentation on San Francisco waterfront history, present by San Francisco Bay maritime working artists; part of the Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival.


Energy Plan for the Western Man: Art after Capitalism

May 5, 2018– As part of the “Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival” join Keith Hennessy (artist), Sylvie Denis (author), Praba Pilar (artist), and Andrew Mount (artist/educator) for a round table conversation at Shaping San Francisco, 518 Valencia St, San Francisco.


Wake for Capitalism R.I.P.

May 6 – toast the memory of Capitalism with talismans, food, and beverages at this pastoral potluck; share reminiscences of this significant economic system; part of the Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival


Rethinking Justice by Lou Viquerat

May 6 — As part of the Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival, Lou Viquerat will present her own experiences as part of a larger community of collectivized households in using new practices which seek prevention and transformation of those that commit harms, over retribution and punitive measures.


Della Duncan: Rethinking Economics

May 6 – Explore alternatives to capitalism that you can put into practice, and perhaps already have! Part of the Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival


Diana Marto with Benjie Lasseau and Stuart Rabinowitsh

May 10 – This event will utilize both the interior and exterior spaces of the installation.


Sannety, Trevor Dunn, Zachary James Watkins

May 31 – $7-15 sliding scale. Mr. Bungle bassist Trevor Dunn with Sannety and Zachary Watkins


Michelle Kuen Suet Fung: Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky

Jun 1 – Jul 7 – Michelle Kuen Suet Fung’s first solo exhibition in the Bay Area envisions China’s ecological future from a Hong Kong vantage point


Closing Event: Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky

Jul 7 – Closing reception and performance by artist Michelle Kuet Suen Fung.


TRACE: Wayfinding In Contemporary New Media Art

July 21 – Aug 31 – group exhibition of artists who draw inspiration from different forms of situational awareness transforming them into complex new platforms for reflection and discourse.


Lauren Marie Taylor: Time Machine

Sep 7 – Oct 20 – Curated by Angel Rafael Vázquez-Concepción, “Time Machine” places historic events in a future sci-fi environment in order to interrogate our present moment.


STILL THEY PERSIST: Protest Art of the 2017 Women’s Marches

Nov 2 – 30 – touring exhibition of political posters, curated by FemFour.


Choreographies of Disclosure: What the Mind Forgets

Jan. 11, 2019 – a socially engaged, long-form project, developed by performance artist and community organizer Jadelynn Stahl in collaboration with four Bay Area multidisciplinary artists.


John Colle Rogers: Pure War

March 1st, 2019 — In his fist solo exhibition at Pro Arts, John Colle Rogers’s “Pure War” explores our collective fascination with acceleration…