Songs for Women Living with War

Oct 8 – Nov 12, 2016 – Songs for Women Living with War is a “Living Memorial” and anti-war monument that remembers women and children and the violence they suffer.


Bre Gipson: She Breathes

Oct 8 – Nov 12 – Bre Gipson’s installation She Breathes offers a peek into a possible new world, hidden within our own.


Executive Order Karaoke – The Obama Years

Oct 27, 2016 — Sing karaoke favorites with lyrics re-written by artist collective, Finishing School


Techne Workshop: Learn to Build a Contact Mic

Oct 29, 2016 – A free contact mic and deep listening workshop for Bay Area Girls Rock Camp volunteers.


Techne Concert: Bonnie Jones + IMA / Suzanne Thorpe + Marshall Trammell

October 30, 2016 — Visiting East Coast electronic musicians, Bonnie Jones and Suzanne Thorpe, play a concert with local talent. Bonnie Jones performs with IMA (Amma Ateria & Nava Dunkelman), and Suzanne Thorpe plays a duo with Marshall Trammell.


Lips of Lapis Lazuli: Collective Voice Sounding

Nov. 9 – Join us for the third iteration of this three-part workshop led by composter, Theresa Wong, to participate in a collective voice sounding.


Closing Reception & Performances: Songs for Women Living with War

Nov. 12, 2016 – Closing reception for Songs for Women Living with War featuring performances by Rhodessa Jones, Theresa Wong, Evelie Delfino Såles Posch, and WIGband.


Marian Van der Zwaan: Red String

Dec 2, 2016 — Marian Van der Zwaan’s installation raises awareness about discrimination through interwoven storylines.


Lasse Lau & Flo Maak Studio Lab Residency

January 9, 2016 – Pro Arts welcomes Lasse Lau and Flo Maak to the Studio Lab Residency for a four week residency to conduct research, create work and connect with the Oakland community.