The Golden Path "The Golden Path" CD

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The Golden Path is a musical quartet based in the San Francisco Bay area. It began as the bedroom project of Richard H. Phillips, a lowly wage slave who maybe got a little too into the Dune novels and definitely spent too much time doing things he'd rather not be doing. With the replacement of his samples and machines with actual players (Barb Golden on keys, Adam Windham on bass and Ed Garcia on drums), it evolved into something entirely different and far more human. We play dreamy, melodic indie rock with an edge: sweet, grungy and sometimes raucous songs with an undercurrent of pop and a punk rock penchant for really meaning it when we play. Over the top, in your face emotional/experiential communication is what we strive for. It's music best served with a drink in your hand. Our self titled debut CD was recorded between May and September 2010 by Jeff Bowron at ShakeSound Recording in Oakland, CA. Enjoy the tracks and, for a musical experience you'll not soon forget, come and see us play!

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