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Best of 2019, posted on December 24th, 2019

John Law @ Pro Arts


Brave New Film, Revisited

East Bay Express


An Emeryville artist is hosting tamale parties to celebrate the sustainable technology of communities of color

Berkeley Side


Mark Van Proyen on Buring Man Co-funder John Law

Square Cylinder 


Pro Arts Gallery opens an exhibition of works by Burning Man Festival cofounder John law




The E’ville Eye 


San Francisco celebrates legendary culture jammer John Law at art opening tonight (Friday)



John Law, iconic Bay Area prankster, now has his own ‘art’ show

Maria Independent Journal 


Betti Ono Art Gallery Sets New Precedent in Oakland with Long-Term Lease by Caroline McNally

The Bay City Beacon 


Pure War at Pro Arts, by Dewitt Cheng

East Bay Express


Choreographies of Disclosure: What the Mind Forgets

East Bay Express


Oakland Magazine, November 1, 2018, by Madeline Wells: Pro Arts Brings STILL THEY PERSIST: Protest Art of the 2017 Women’s Marches to Oakland


Oakland Gallery Looks toward New Source of Support: You. (December 5, 2018)

The Bay City Beacon 


“Buildings demolished on your cellphone”: Ratskin Records’ experimental resilience (December 4, 2018)



Pro Arts’ Statis Festival Transforms Downtown Oakland’s Ogawa Plaza (December 4, 2018)



Oakland composer, birds make beautiful music together (November 5, 2018)

San Francisco Chronicle


DECAYCAST Interviews: Oceans of Blue, Forests of G R E E N: AN INTERVIEW WITH ANNA LUISA PETRISKO(October 15, 2018)



Submersion (October 13, 2018)

East Bay Express


A Feminist and Queer Experimental Music Show at ProArts (October 10, 2018)



Pollute, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky exhibition at Pro Arts, art pick (June 10, 2018) 

East Bay Express


Oakland Magazine, May 4, 2018

Best Boutique Art Galleries 


Jane Ingram-Allen’s review of Allison Leigh Holt’s exhibition Allison Leigh Holt: The Beginning Was The End / New Work (Jul 07 2017 – Aug 04 2017)  (April 2018)

Sculpture Magazine


somatic significations, curated by Kara Q. Smith (February 2018)

The Bay City Beacon


Pro Arts Gallery Executive Director Natalia Mount

Oakland North

Video Link


Hybrid Veils: Oakland Artists Honor Memory of Late Visionary “Jsun” Adrian McCarty (December 2017)

The Bay City Beacon


Nolan Lem: Invisible Choirs (November 2017)

Columbia University School of the Arts


Kah-meel-E-yun, curated by Yarrow Slaps (October 2017)

Yarrow Slap’s Illustrious Hustle, (Juxtapoz Magazine, August 29, 2017)

Emerging Bay Area Artists Show their work in an Oakland group show (Juxtapoz Magazine, October 6, 2017)


Ensemble Mik Nawooj: Death Become Life (Sep 16 2017)

Ensemble Mik Nawooj at Pro Arts Gallery, East Bay Express

A Hip-Hop Oratorio Inspired by Loss, KQED


Rogue Pulse/Gravity Collapse Release Show, curated by Michael Daddona (August 2017)

Oakland Artists Unveil Ghost Ship Benefit Compilation & Release Party, Bay City Beacon


Let’s Play, curated by Rochelle Spencer (June 2017)

Let’s Play Considers Fun as an Act of Joyous Rebellion, East Bay Express

Intuition, Imagination & Black Creativity, Poets & Writers 


The New Situationists, curated by Natalia Mount & Sarah Lockhart (March – April 2017)

Schizo-curation Amidst The Ruins, review by Peter Marevelis 

Art Pick: The New Situationists at Pro Arts, East Bay Express 


Lasse Lau & Flo Maak: Technologies of the Kitchen, curated by Natalia Mount (February 2017)

An Art Show on Queer Geographies, KQED

Art Exhibit Exploring Sexuality Opens at Pro Arts, Oakland North


Turing’s Echo (January 2017)

Turing’s Echo Draws Meaning Out of Repetition, The Daily Californian 


Finishing School: Executive Karaoke (November 2016)

From Politics to Karaoke: A Bittersweet Goodbye to Obama’s Presidency, Oakland North 


Songs for Women Living With War, curated by Johanna Poethig (October – November 2016)

Artist Help Break the Silence Around the Abuse of Women in War, HyperAllergic


Hybrid Series (October 2016)

Natalia Mount on Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland, Poets & Writers 


Minted, curated by Ray Beldner (September 2016)

Recent Art School Graduates Display Their Work in Oakland Gallery, Oakland North