Hybrid Series

The Hybrid Series at Pro Arts blurs the traditional boundaries between artistic disciplines such as visual and performance art, music and literary arts, video, new media, and film.  It also, on occasion, presents works that are a cross-breed between art and other disciplines, such as natural and physical science, technology, popular culture, and philosophy. The series aims to serve as a departure from the conventional mode of presentation that is the grouping of like items.

Hybridization across life-spheres and aesthetic experiences yields positivity and promotes cultural symbiosis and plurality across genres, elevating the artist above the vicious hierarchy of various socio-political powers and the myopic nature of academically grounded work. Through new commissions and presentation of hybrid art forms, Pro Arts aims to expand the possibilities for experimentation and innovation in contemporary art.

Partial List of Artists Who Have Performed at The Hybrid Series 2016-Current:

Ariel Irbe aka SOLV, Andrew Choate, Beast Nest,  Cheflee, Christina Stanley,  Cyborg Eye,  Demonsleeper,  Fletcher Pratt, Filthmilk, Guillermo Galindo, Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt, Head Boggle, Jade Ariana Fair, Jacob Wick Group, Laundry Room Squelchers, Laetitia Sonami,  The Living Earth Show, Monochromacy, SCY1E,  Sharkiface, Straight Crimes, Signor Benedick The Moor, Thomas Dimuzio, Laurie Varga, Titania Kumeh, Tyler Holmes, White Boy Scream, William Hutson, Woe, Yama Uba, Zachary James Watkins, & many more






Freak Dream (BC), Doggiechow, rose & hart, Cel Genesis
Monday, Nov 19, 2018

Las Sucias, Peter Kalisch, Soot, Wild Toru
Friday, Nov 16, 2018


CBN, Cult Play, True Commando, Effluvium
Saturday, October 27

Anna Luisa, Xina Xurner, Maria Chavez, Tyler Holmes
Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018

Saturday, Oct 13, 2018


Signor Benedick the Moor: In Performance
Friday, Sep 21, 2018


Tashi Dorji, Beast Nest, Zachary James Watkins, Salt Pillar
Sunday, Sep 16, 2018


Ratskin Explastical: Wizard Apprentice, Julius Smack, HI Scores
Friday, Sep 14, 2018