As part of our Studio Lab Artist Residency, Community Sourced interviewed Gail Lillian, the owner of Liba Falafel and Nicki Guard, Community Engagement Manager for Girls, Inc.  Both were very passionate and engaged women.  Their stories and photographs will be part of our exhibition opening next Friday, October 6th.


“Community Sourced”, the Artist Lab Residency project from Mobile Arts Platform (Peter Foucault & Chris Treggiari) and Victoria Mara Heilweil, completed their first interview from the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza neighborhood.  Luann Stauss, the owner of Laurel Books, an independent bookstore on the plaza, was quite passionate about books, literacy and issues concerning Oakland businesses.  Her store features many political and local selections of books, a children’s area, and a vibrant lecture series by local authors.

“Community Sourced”, a project by Mobile Arts Platform (Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari) and photographer Victoria Mara Heilweil has begun their Studio Lab Residency during the month of September at Pro Arts.  “Community Sourced” creates micro portraits of Oakland neighborhoods using interviews and imagery to tell the stories of the people and issues specific to a 5 block radius in that area.  You can view the initial episode on the Santa Fe neighborhood, and the development of the second episode featuring Frank Ogawa Plaza in the window Project Space during the month of October.

Bi-weekly research session and public interventions on Frank Ogawa Plaza will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30am – 1:00pm.  Initial outreach was done to Luan Stauss, the owner of Laurel Books on the plaza; Jennifer Easton and Barbara Goldstein to discuss BART public art planning; and the African American Museum and Archives, which is located in a beautiful building on 14th Street that was the site of the first public library in Oakland.

When you enter the African American Museum you see this beautiful library card catalogue that has been converted to a seed distribution system, encouraging urban farming in Oakland.

Seed Library

Seed Library at the African American Museum in Oakland.

Steven Weissman is an award-winning alternative cartoonist best known for his offbeat and bizarre explorations of childhood friendships.

His recent work has focused on the political arena, showcasing behind the scenes exploration of politicians. Sometime strange and often funny, Weissman uses traditional cartoon animations to reveal abstract themes on the current political climate.

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Luke McGarry has a way of using humor to reveal the bleakness of reality. He is an illustrator, cartoonist, animator and designer from Manchester, UK, now based in Los Angeles.

His work often blurs the line between political commentary and dark comedy, with politicians and celebrities as his main subjects. This 2016 election gave him plenty of public figures to critique. In this selection, we watch as McGarry reveals a cynical perspective on the current national climate. 

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