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KunstCapades is an art-themed variety show/podcast hosted by artists Josh Pieper and Tim Sullivan, with house bartender Robyn Carliss (aka Marv). Guests from all points on the artist-curator-dealer-collector spectrum board a gondola up to the recording booth – a micro tiki bar (jr. tiki) in an undisclosed, altitudinous San Francisco location – for conversation and cocktails. Listeners are treated to a rollicking agenda of absurd segments, including “This Day in History,” “Art Crimes,” “Beats from the Belfry,” “eBay Today,” “Let’s Ask Tantum,” “Bitburger Haiku,” and intel regarding local openings and calls for work. Subscribe to KunstCapades’ unparalleled alpine-tropical radio art experience on iTunes, and otherwise follow along on Instagram (@KunstCapades, @jrtiki), and Twitter (@KunstCapades).

From February 20th until March 19th 2016, KunstCapades is in residency at Aggregate Space Gallery, Oakland. ASG is an exhibition and performance space dedicated to the exploration and presentation of immersive works. To learn more about ASG click here:

Yours truly, Natalia Mount, Executive Director of Pro Arts, was invited to be a guest on KunstCapades for their 32nd Episode, March 5th 2016, LIVE from Aggregate Space Gallery. We chatted on topics ranging from the New York vs. Bay Area art scene to Slayer and ((SUN)) and naturally the future direction of Pro Arts. Josh and Tim were the best hosts I can dream of and the purple drinks (oh so pretty!!!) that Robyn concocted were out of this world…Perfect rainy Saturday afternoon, spent in the company of super rad Josh, Tim and Robyn and a great LIVE crowd. Special shout out to Conrad and S.d. Willis for being such great gallerists and hosts and for bringing KunstCapades to Oakland, thus introducing us — the locals — to their raw genius!


Join KunstCapades for their 33rd episode and the final live recording of our Aggregate Space Gallery residency, featuring special surprise guests and custom bar offerings: Saturday, March 19, 2016, 1:00 p.m. @ ASG, 801 West Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94607. Listen to KunstCapades here: on iTunes and .

Listen to the KunstCapades Episode 32 (with special guests Natalia Mount & Sarah Hotchkiss) here:

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