As part of the “Imagining-Post Capitalism” Festival, a selection of shorts from P2P Fightsharing III: Precarity was screened at the New Wall of Oakland, right outside of Pro Arts Gallery, including Mayday Barcelona (8:52); St. Precarious Goes Shopping (5:51); Yomango Tango (6:11); Gimme an occupation of the premises with that McStrike (4:05).

The action methods of the précaires varried from traditional syndicalist action to innovative actions based on subvertising, culture jamming and media stunts : the occupation of the premises by McStrikers in Paris (McStrike, Paris), the picketing of chainstores open on Sunday’s (Mayday Parade – Milan), the interruption of the French prime time news (Intermittents du spectacle, Paris), the devotion to Saint Precarious (Saint Precarious goes shopping, Milan), the reality hacking of the hot spots of consumerism (Chainworkers, Milan – YoMango-Tango, Barcelona – Adbusters, Japan) and the docu-fictions “Precarity Academy” (Teleimmagini, Mayday Parade Milan) and “Trash Contract” (UBU TV, Barcelona).

The videos on “Precarity” show the emerging of a new form of labor auto-organisation that is moving from the level of negotiation into reticular and direct-action based organization. 197 min of digital video are translated into 6 languages to enforce the building of a disruptive, socio-political identity and to demonstrate the possibility of insurrection beyond any classical trade union scheme of representation.