May Festival

Confronting the oft-quoted cliché that we can imagine the end of the world more easily than we can imagine the end of capitalism, this festival invites us all to get out of our dead-end thinking and imagine how much better life can be. Produced by Pro Arts in collaboration with Shaping San Francisco, the Imagining Post-Capitalism hybrid festival/summit will take place from May 1 – 6, 2018 and will bring together activists, artists, and the general public to explore a future without capitalism. The festival/summit will take place in Oakland and San Francisco, CA. Scheduled activities include: lectures, community gatherings and salons, discussions, presentations, performances, workshops, screenings, art actions and interventions, podcasts and publications. Presentation topics include: social history of labor and labor organizing, universal basic income and alternative economies, debt abolition and jubilee, the end of work, what sustains racism and sexism beyond capitalism, revolutionary movements of the past, new social movements, ecological and social justice, urbanism and gentrification, technological innovations and techno-fetishism… and much more! What do you want to put on the table when it comes to imagining a post-capitalist life?