Fiscal Clients

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Betti Ono is an experimentally minded space for art, culture and community. Located in the heart of Downtown Oakland, Betti Ono features local, national and international artists in rotating exhibits, performances and monthly events.

Projects Kalahati

Project Kalahati is a creative commons for innovative writing, publishing, and programmatic space primarily for the Bay Area’s QBIPOC (Queer Black Indigenous People of Color) community. We prioritize being self- contained and self-determined.


Dream Farm Commons

Dream Farm Commons is a small, artist run exhibition and project space in Downtown Oakland.  We are committed to an ongoing engagement with the visual, the poetic, the neighborhood and the future. Our work aspires to social practice and site specific projects, deep visual narratives and crafted making, the performative, re-imagination of economic systems and justice, and thoughtful discourse. We are opening our doors to all forms of creative production–we see ourselves as building a small hive of activity rather than a white cube. We are building a fall program of monthly exhibition and artists  talks, discourse, meals.  We’re  currently seeking a few new collaborators to join in shared space, with potential for joining in responsibility, decision making and creative production. 


Paul Crabtree

Paul Crabtree is a musical innovator whose music straddles the salons of Europe and the saloons of the American West. His music is the product of two cultures, combining the seriousness of the European tradition with the restlessness of the American spirit to produce perceptive works that are relevant to the twenty-first century experience.

His first solo CD The Metamorphoses of Paul Crabtree was released in February 2009 on the Arsis label, featuring the two ballet-cantatas An American Persephone and Dive! a Water Music.