Fiscal Sponsorship

Pro Arts serves the ongoing needs of artists by offering fiscal sponsorship to artist projects and emerging arts organizations.

What is fiscal sponsorship?
Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) public charity sponsors an artist or group that lacks tax exempt status in order to receive grants and solicit tax-deductible donations.

More info at The Foundation Center’s Grant Space.

Interested in fiscal sponsorship through Pro Arts?

Application Process:
1. Email us an informal proposal for your project or group. This should include:

  • Project description including the nature/mission of the work, and history and scope of the project.
  • One paragraph (max) about your fundraising plans, and experience with fundraising. (It’s okay if you don’t have any, and want our guidance!)
  • Two Professional references
  • Resume(s) or bio(s) of lead personnel
  • Contact information for point person if not the person submitting the application

2. Applicants will receive a response within 1-2 weeks; staff may contact the project leader to clarify information and to arrange an interview.

3. If approved, complete and sign formal Fiscal Sponsorship Contract (M.O.U.)

Please note this entire review process may take between 3-6 weeks to reach final approval.

* For our current fiscal clients here.