Grant Kerber is a community organizer, printer and poet. Grant is one of the myriad voices behind the Oakland Summer School, a community education project. Grant also works on issues surrounding food justice, Oakland’s ongoing homeless crisis, and the abolishment of the prison system. He has been featured in articles from ABC News, The Huffington Post, and other media entities. Along with Jamie Townsend, he co-edited the collection Libertines in the Ante-Room of Love: Poets on Punk.

Brontez Purnellis a zinester, writer, dancer, and musician who lives in Oakland, California. Originally from Triana, Alabama, Purnell has been publishing, performing, and curating in the Bay Area for over sixteen years. Brontez has written for various publications, including Cakeboy, San Francisco Weekly, and Maximum Rock & Roll. He is the author of Fag School, The Cruising Diaries, and Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger. He is a 2018 Whiting Award winner in fiction for his book “Since I Laid My Burden Down”.He is a current MFA candidate in Art Practice at U.C. BERKELEY.

Anne Lesley Selcer is an art writer and a poet in the expanded field. Sun Cycle, winner of the Cleveland State University Poetry Center First Poetry Book Prize is out September 10, 2019. Named for the star that makes vision possible, the book investigates image, power and gender. Blank Sign Book was also published this year, in collaboration with Southern Exposure and Wolfman Books. A collection of essays that moves though the tensions and potentials between art and politics, this book responds critically as an artist and poet to the work of Juliana Huxtable, Dolores Durantes, Janet Cardiff, among others. Critical writing appears in Hyperallergic, Jacket2, Fillip, Art Practical, The Capilano Review, Open Space, the anthology New Media Art 2017: Back to Nature, as well as in several exhibition catalogs. Poetry appears in Fence, The Chicago Review, and Action, Yes, and others. Anne Lesley’s artist writing includes Banlieusard, a commissioned book-length text for Artspeak gallery on media and sense memory, and Untitled (a treatise on form) for 2nd Floor Projects, published in tandem with an exhibition. In Vancouver BC, she created the Chroma Reading Series for creative research, artist writing/text work, and innovative poetry. Her language-based video, sound and text pieces have exhibited at the Krowswork, Visible Verse Festival, Southern Exposure, T-10 Video festival, and on Gauss PDF.