In order to imagine Post-Capitalism, we have to come to terms with the demise of Capitalism. Perhaps, even more than our parents, Capitalism has shaped our psyches and our memories. Thus, we come together, to share our memories, both fond and traumatic, of this economic system that has contributed so much to our lived experiences.

We will gather on the grass of Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza with food and beverages to share in a non-transactional way, and collectively reminisce about Capitalism. There will be an open floor (well, literally, lawn) for those to share memories and stories of Capitalism, which has been such a significant presence in all our lives. What better way to come to terms with the demise of something so significant than in the company of others?

And in order to pay proper tribute to Capitalism, you are encouraged to bring souvenirs, mementos, and objects produced by the labor of exploited workers to send Capitalism on its way to it’s post-life. This event will conclude with a short funereal procession for Capitalism. Please wear suitable clothing if you choose to participate.

Part of the Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival

About the Festival Organizers:

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