Welcome to Val-U-Mart, the first-ever artificial intelligence shopping experience. 

Our one-size-fits-all economy doesn’t work for anyone. Why should we “let the market decide” the cost of an item, when two customers might value the same item completely differently? 

Val-U-Mart is revolutionizing the shopping experience, with prices made just for you. Take a simple personality test, and you’ll find everything at the right price.

Val-U-Mart is a convenience store installation that invites us to explore how money distorts our perception of value. 

The installation will feature interactive art, traditional media, and performances and include pieces from a variety of artists.

By “shopping” in the store, participants will engage with their relationship to money and how it intertwines with power, self-worth, how we spend our time, and more.

Val-U-Mart – where everything has a price!


Val-U-Mart Special Performance Night: Jan 11, 4:30 – 8:30 PM


Get ready for the truly strange and cerebral with this special night of performances, featuring:


Jonah Kagan and Nathaniel Moore perform a cross-class experimental dance duet about money, conceived and rehearsed in a Walmart.


Thought leader, industry pioneer, founder of the voluntary non-billionaire movement, and author of the bestselling self-help series “Dan Says . . . “ Dangerbang is opening his mind vault to share key concepts from his best-selling book “Sell Yourself!: Exploiting the resource of You”

Using music and storytelling to burrow beneath the firewalls of your mind, Dan’s unique lecturformance style dodges all blocks to higher achievement, rewarding you with years of LifeGrowth™  in mere minutes.

Legal Disclaimer: LifeGrowth™ is a proprietary measurement system and as such no legal claims can be made as to the efficacy of all Dan-branded products and services. Dan appears courtesy of Val-U-Books, Val-U-Records, and Val-U-Mgmt; all subsidiaries of Val-U-Corp-Disney LLC. 


Space Pilots are back in the 21st Century and on a collision course with Capitalism! Captain Tabitha Knight’s trusty intergalactic ship The Punisher needs new parts, so the Space Pilots head to the local Bay Area Val-U-Mart. Upon discovering everything they need requires “money” they’re forced to work, trade, and steal to save their ship. Will they be able to procure the parts they need to get back to the 25th centry? Will Gothbot survive the appearance of a shiny new AI with active listening skills? Stay tuned for more details…

13th Floor will make a crash landing from the future into Val-U-Mart. In this live-action Sci-Fi radio play, a motley crew of space astronauts will attempt to contend with the environment, putting our current position in late-stage capitalism into perspective.


Poet Anne Lesley Selcer collaborates with guest opera singer Ariadne Owen in The Sadness of the Supermarket: A Lament for Certain Girls. “In the supermarket where hunger meets plastic wrap / in the supermarket’s sensorium, where my sadness is a strange gondolier.” 

Organized along the principles of Cartesian space, the supermarket separates producer from consumer and humans from one another. A product of suburbanization born of both racist red-lining and gendered structures that cordon off collective life, this rationalized promise of abundance contains anxiety, sadness, and alienation. 

The Sadness of the Supermarket: A Lament for Certain Girls blows up the banal emotion of the grocery to operatic proportions. Says Anne Carson in The Gender of Sound, “Woman is that creature who puts the inside on the outside.” Say Certain Girls, “The first thing everyone did / was destroy the cash registers.”

About the Installation

Co-producers Chris Swimmer, Ad Naka, & Jen Johnson are interdisciplinary conceptual artists and creative producers based in Oakland, California. They produce works on topics at the intersection of personal and political, exploring topics from consent to body image to homelessness and privilege. Their work is often experiential, inviting viewers to cross the threshold from simply observing to physically interacting with these concepts. Committed to producing works that create a platform for local artists, they solicit and feature conceptual art from a variety of collaborators.

Featured artists include Whitney Freedman, Caitlyn Kilgore, Devandra Yeazel, Justine Sun Dela Cruz, Michael Garcia, Michael Kerbow, Laura Sanford, Michelle Cutler, Inga Bard, Gabe Weis, Ana Rivero Rossi, Mo Skye, Madeline Fried, Roxanne Black, and more.