Pro Arts continues to highlight and support the local underground music community with this event, presented by local label, Ratskin Records, a project of one of our Curators-in-Residence.

TROLLER (Austin, TX)

“Austin creepgaze trio Troller push the darkwave lexicon into doom metal, noise and ultra-romantic Lana Del Rage”
Rolling Stone

Pleasurably harsh and hideously sophisticated, darkwave metal trio Troller emerged out of Austin’s electronic and experimental scene in 2010. Known for their gorgeously morbid pop anthems that brazenly oscillate between irresistible hooks and absolute chaos, Troller’s internal duality is a recurring trope in their music. Sequence-based synthesizer and drum machine half-time rhythms impeccably complement bassist and vocalist Amber Star Goers’ heavy riffing and charismatically tortured voice, asserting a uniquely ominous take on synth-pop. Troller’s guttural guitar tones, warm arpeggios, and booming sub hits are catchy yet gritty and unlike anything else on the underground landscape today, celebrating the beauty within destruction while providing a necessary cathartic relief.


Several years ago, Pro Arts presented an installation by Oakland artist, Sofia Cordova, as part of our 2×2 series. Xuxa Santamaria is a musical project of Sofia’s, along with bandmate Matt Kirkland.

” …brilliant formalist evocations of Moroder-Summer interstellar mystery, “Miami Lakes” giving us gorgeous alien landscapes across which exotic animals communicate with one another by vocoder,”– Frank Kogan on putting Miami Lakes (trk 2 on Chu Cha Santamaría Y Usted.’s rad eponymous album) as NUMBER 2 of his best non-singles of 2011 list.


Earthbound is the duo of Jade Ariana Fair (our June project space artist) and Oakland native, Angel Castellon.

“Tracks on The Flood range from thumping beats to more abstract synth and keyboard playing, usually with hurried percussion that lends the project a dynamic feel. The sections that lack melody engage the listener by engulfing them in spatial arrangements. Listening to “Interlude,” for instance, can make you feel caught in a gust of wind, with glitchy pauses and static tying the track to the rest of the tape’s electronic sound.”

DJ Ploc is San Francisco DJ/musician Miguel Serra, former music director of the former KUSF-FM, and noise punk band Didi Mao.