RATSKIN Records Presents the final event of Michael Dadonna’s curatorial residency at Pro Arts. Come on out and celebrate some truly deranged sounds.

Tyler Holmes ( Double EP Release on Ratskin ) 

“I identify as Black, Queer, Poor, Weird, Jewish, Mixed. I don’t identify with gender; every facet of gender feels performative to me,” says Holmes. “In my work I sometimes process other people’s confusion and curiosity about my sexual, spiritual, and physical identities and which boxes I do or don’t fit into.” They speak candidly about about their struggles with feeling isolated for much of their life due to their complex identity. “I moved to Oakland because it’s all I could afford,” they say. “There are black people in Oakland, unlike my hometown. The poor, punk DIY side of Oakland is my heart and soul; that drag vibe is very present in my work.”


Jungle Junk (Demonsleeper / Las Sucias )

A solo alias of Alexandra Buschman, best known as 1/2 of Reggaeton Noise duo, Las Sucias. Alexandra has recently returned to the Bay from a year spent in her native Puerto Rico.

Sea Moss (Portland)

Portland’s Sea Moss is a voice/drum duo with each member also contributing electronic sounds. Sea Moss is Noa Ver (Mulva Myasis) and Zach D’Agostino (Don Gero). A sonic assault of homemade electronics, blasting drum beats, screeching vocals, and modular synth. Sea Moss experiments in composed improvisations, lopsided rhythms, and single serving songs. DIY-electro-noise-punk.