Pro Arts’ annual juried exhibition of work by its artist members, Turing’s Echo, showcases art that addresses the theme of repetition in a wide array of media: sculpture, painting, photography, video, performance, and social practice.

During the Post-WWII era, repetition became a tool in art as both a commentary and critique of a changing society. From the serial works of Pop artists and the manufacturing techniques of many Minimalists, the prevalence of repeated forms and images directly responded to ideas of authenticity and ownership.  Artists also continued to use repetition to grapple with the value of individualism during the rise of Communism, suburbanization, the Civil Rights Movement, and the cultural reckoning with the results of 20th Century Fascism.

In our current social, economic, and political climate, many are concerned that we are doomed to repeat past mistakes: be it the resurgence of Nationalism, segregation, authoritarian governments, or environmental disasters. In this context, we are excited to present a range of artists who are inspired by this contemporary context. 

Participating Artists: Jason Challas, Amanda Church, Rachael Cleveland & Anna Muselmann, Mark Hendricks, Mikey Kelly, Kathleen King, Dara Lorenzo, Kathleen McLean, Christine Meuris, William Moriarty, Dan Nelson, Palesa Nicolini & Jennifer Linderman, Melanie Piech, Ari Salomon, Katie Swan Laich, and Monica Tiulescu, and @traymedia (Tatiana Ray)

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Opening Reception: Friday, January 6, 2017 | 6:00 – 9:00 pm | Pro Arts Gallery

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