TRANSCONTINENTAL 77: A Trip Across Canada Barb’s Way

* With live visuals by Bill Thibault and music by The Golden Path: Barb, Richard Phillips, Lydia Martin, (recorded saxophone: Tom Weeks, audio: Nathan Corder)

What happens when you put an ex housewife/schoolteacher/mom, who is ricocheting from suicidal guilt to utter elation, on a train with around 30 guys and 2 other women? It is 1977, the pill just invented, AIDS not in sight, drugs rampant…

More glittering, gorgeous, grungy, golden memoirs.

Round out the evening with movies:  Complaints, the award-winning Take Me Out to the Ballgame, + vintage WIGband flics: Silver Abs and Golden Buns, Trashy Girls…

About Barbara Golden: Barbara Golden, who wrote her first song when she was 40, is an artist living in the SF Bay Area and Nova Scotia. Born in Montréal, the escaped housewife-schoolteacher studied at Mills College in Oakland with Terry Riley, Bob Ashley, and Lou Harrison. Since 1985 she’s done politically incorrect performance raunch ( WIGband, Golden Path), Balinese music (Gamelan Sekar Jaya), and radio (producer and  host of Crack o’ Dawn, Pacifica’s KPFA Berkeley).


*Funding for TRANSCONTINENTAL 77: A Trip Across Canada Barb’s Way is provided by the Zellerbach Family Foundation.