Pro Arts Gallery & COMMONS and CounterFlicks microcinema are thrilled to announce the first of our upcoming collaborative screenings! On the fiftieth anniversary of the People’s Park uprising, and in commemoration of the unfortunate recent passing of filmmaker Roz Payne, we team up for a night of politically radical Bay Area films! Notable for “Off The Pig,” the first film about the Black Panthers in Oakland, the Newsreel Collective were a group of media guerrillas who made 16mm films about the issues of the day that were ignored by the mass media: grassroots activism, protests, and social injustice in general. UC Davis professor and former Newsreel “communard” JESSE DREW treks down to Oakland to host this very special celebration of these truly revolutionary media activist pioneers. Come early for some fired-up 16mm Civil Rights films!!

Tickets are $10 on eventbrite. Get yours today by clicking HERE.