A Shareable Film: The Response, How Puerto Ricans are restoring power to the people

Climate-fueled disasters are radically transforming the world we live in; with the increasing amount of deaths, displacements, and economic damages acting as a wake up call for many.

The severe storms, wildfires, inland floods, crop freezes, droughts, and tropical cyclones have touched nearly everyone around the world.

And yet, news coverage routinely underplays the central drama of these disasters. More often than not, it’s the people living in the affected communities that, despite all the obstacles, rise to the occasion to save lives, reduce suffering, and form a community of care.

It’s often the case that the reimagining of what’s possible doesn’t stop after the initial recovery has concluded, but rather it continues as communities regenerate; often increasing their equity, resilience, and capacity for joy.

You’re invited to join us for a panel and discussion to explore what community-lead resilience and disaster response/recovery could look like in the Bay Area.

Before the conversation, we’ll start off the evening with the world premier of Shareable’s first documentary film “The Response: How Puerto Rico is returning power to the people,” and the second season of our podcast/radio series that explores the remarkable communities that arise in the aftermath of disasters.

This inside view into the initial response and long term disaster recovery and community organizing work will provide a glimpse of what could happen in the Bay Area and how we can be prepared before disaster strikes.

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