Pro Arts Gallery is thrilled to host The NO!!!BOT, a performance by Praba Pilar.


The NO!!!BOT is a performance visiting the unnerving world of Exoskeletons to glitch 21st century techno colonialism: wordless, breathless, sexual and grotesque. The NO!!!BOT is not an acquiescent programmed Robot nor a despicable malicious Bot, it is an Exoskeleton temporarily halting the global apparatus of surveillance capitalism that is converting bio-life into an extra-judicial colony. The NO!!!BOT is part of a series of experiments hurtling into our collective imaginaries to hack destructive code makers and generate our own deviant electric dreams.  


Praba Pilar is a diasporic Colombian artist disrupting the overwhelmingly passive participation in the contemporary ‘cult of the techno-logic.’ Over the last two decades Pilar has presented projects challenging complex state/corporate systems of control, domination and death. Her recent work integrates performance art, electronics and video, and has traveled widely to galleries, museums, universities, performance festivals, conferences, public streets, political meetings, bookstores, bars, and radio airwaves around the world. She can be visited online at

This event is made possible by the Fleishhacker Foundation.