WE KNOW YOU ARE THERE  is a three-part afternoon of informational discussion and interactive locative game project (LENS DRIFT) with media artists Molly Hankwitz and David Cox of San Francisco/Australia, focused on experimentation with the urban surveillance apparatus of the city, demonstration of ‘veillance’ as an augmented reality, and a visual presentation on surveillance technologies and design.

The question will be– how can artists recognize, understand, combat, and utilize surveillance (sousveillance) in meaningful ways?

The artists invite you to share in a detailed critique of modern urban surveillance and urban design from the perspective of ‘sousveillance’ to counter-act surveillance, a sampling of artistic interventions, and the unique aspects of Oakland’s urban space as player/participants in LENS DRIFT, an urban performance/treasure hunt type game inspired by the S.I., situationist techniques, and concepts such as ‘play fields’, ‘victory conditions’, ‘traversal and vantage’, and ‘concealment’. Player/participants will meld with the surrounding urban area of Pro Arts and Frank Ogawa Plaza, make selfie-recordings and a QR code in the field. Afterwards, there will be time to brainstorm on the everyday presence of surveillance technologies.

Hankwitz and Cox invite a critique and examination of the surveillance/deep state in terms of art and seek to address and consider specifically, the unique character of the City of Oakland.

This event requires registration. Please send an email to info@proartsgallery.org with your name, email and the number of participants attending by Wednesday, April 12, 2017. The event also involves the use of smart devices, so participants are encouraged to bring theirs with them, but are not required for participation.

About Bivoulab (Archimedia)

Molly Hankwitz and David Cox, bivoulab (Archimedia), an artistic research and experimental design “think tank/lab” for new projects at the intersection of networked digital media, film and urbanism. Together Cox and Hankwitz have given 50+ presentations, performances, and workshops on the culture of digital media in the urban context including “CineFrancisco” (2016) in “Psychogeography 1”, “Under the Glass” on the history of head-mounted display in “Information War” (2014), “Playfields, Mindmaps and Screen Culture” in Chip Lord/Ant Farm, and a three-part Rocket Opera, all at Other Cinema; Cellphone filmmaking and Geotagging: Mapping and Media (ATA), Laptop Cinema (This is Not Art/Australia), Digital and Networked Cities (Metro Arts/21 Grand), Model Citizens, Artspace, Sydney, Let’s Make the Web! (San Francisco), Waterwheel: Caring and Daring (Hankwitz), City Centered (GAFFTA/KQED), the performance with full band and costumes of Rocket Opera. And as, Archimedia, Cox and Hankwitz produced several short films: Urban Strechnology Tool Kit, Archi-Movie, and No More Poor Artists. David Cox is an award-winning filmmaker in his own work (OtherZone and Puppenhead), media artist, author, composer, writer, media teacher and creator of Rocket Opera. Molly Hankwitz is a film and media artist, curator, writer, and editor, currently part of Other Cinema. Bivoulab is based in San Francisco.

Watch “Urban Strechnology Toolkit, 2001, Molly Hankwitz, David Cox, Archimedia” on Vimeo, HERE.

Rocket Opera


The New Situationists project is made possible with a generous grant from The Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.