The New Situationists Podcast(s): Isaac Cronin on! 

Isaac Cronin has written and narrated a twelve part history of the American Situationist movement in a podcast on that will be published as a book next year.  Meanwhile, listen to these podcasts, part of The New Situationists exhibition here:

Episode 32:

Episode 37:

Episode 39:

Episode 42:


About Isaac Cronin

Isaac Cronin is a writer, editor, and videographer (of sorts) who has published several books under the LBC imprint Cruel Hospice. He has been involved with the Situationists inspired theory since 1967. He co-authored a critique of the UC system, The Nine Unnatural Acts of the University of California, inspired by On The Poverty of Student Life in 1969. Isaac also co-founded a Berkeley based group the Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous in 1970 and produced dozens of pamphlets, posters, trading cards, leaflets, disruptions, fake billboards, radio programs, etc.  He was a member of the Council for Conscious Existence in 1971-72 that produced critiques of the Left, the counterculture, anarchism, and reformist trade unions, etc. Isaac Cronin is also the co-writer of Bad: The Autobiography of James Carr published in New York and Paris about the life of an anarchist African-American prisoner.  He wrote, co-directed and co-edited the Situationist inspired video Call It Sleep in 1980 that was shown in museums and theaters around the world. He is the co-writer of the independent Chinese-American film Chan is Missing directed by Wayne Wang that premiered in 1982 and was selected for inclusion in the National Film Archive in the Library of Congress.

Isaac Cronin recently published English language translations of works by Jean Pierre Voyer and Guillaume Paoli through Little Black CartIt’s Crazy How Many Things Don’ t Exist and Demotivational Training, and authored The Dictionary of Unhappiness also published by Little Black Cart. He is currently at work on a translation of a second book by Jean Pierre Voyer, An Inquiry Into The Nature and Causes of the Misery of People as well as a collection of Bay Area Situationist documents from 1969-1980.


Articles from the Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous
Call it Sleep
Cruel Hospice
James Carr

About The Brilliant podcast:

The Brilliant podcast is a way to have a deeper conversations than allowed in the text boxes of websites. On the one hand a podcast is monovocal but on the other it allows the intimacy of radio, of a voice in your ear that is yours alone.

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