SELECTIONS: A Special Presentation by Keith Sanborn

Keith Sanborn presents selections from the Situationist martial arts film, Can Dialectics Break Bricks, as well as other films by Viénet and Debord, and several of his own short works. Sanborn’s own films bear some relationship with the work of the Situationists, albeit at times the relationship is an oblique one.

Keith Sanborn is a media artist, theorist and translator based in New York. He first became interested in the Situationist Internantionale in 1978 while a graduate student in Buffalo, when a friend recommended Debord’s book Society of the Spectacle. He then proceeded to read everything he could find by the Situationist Internationale.

In the years since, with various collaborators, as they fell into his hands, he translated and subtitled Viénet’s Can Dialectics break bricks? and The Girls of Kamaré  as well as the film version of Debord’s Society of the Spectacle and Debord’s Refutation of all judgments…. All may be viewed on

His first translation and subtitling effort Can Dialectics break bricks? was produced in collaboration with Nathalie Borgers, when he was teaching at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Pro Arts’ The New Situationists program is made possible with a generous grant from The Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.