This is a unique opportunity for residents of Oakland to interact with the new administration.  We will make Frank Ogawa Plaza great again.  The Department of Dreams, Hopes, and Fears will install a special outdoor, lunchtime office in the Plaza so that workers can submit their most personal inner thoughts and aspirations for official processing by our highly trained bureaucrat and his extreme-vetting techniques.  Please line up in an orderly manner and be prepared to read from George Orwell’s 1984 on demand.

About L.M. Bogad 

L.M. Bogad ( is an author, performance artist/activist, Professor of political performance at UC Davis, Director of the Center for Tactical Performance, and co-founder of the Clown Army.  He has performed across the USA, Europe and South America, in various venues ranging from SF MOMA, the Whitney Museum, Yerba Buena Arts Center and the Mattress Factory to occupied zones and a squatted military base in Barcelona.  He has led Tactical Performance workshops around the world, including in Cairo during the first month of the Egyptian Revolution, and was both “Art and Controversy” Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer on Performance and Politics at Carnegie Mellon University, and a “Humanities and Political Conflict” Fellow at Arizona State University.

Bogad’s performances have covered topics such as the Egyptian revolution, the Haymarket Square Riot, the FBI’s COINTELPRO activities, and the Pinochet coup in Chile, and have received grant support from the Puffin Fund, Network of Ensemble Theatres, Bay Area Theatre Artists Fund, U.C. Institute for Research in the Arts, the British Academy and the British Arts and Humanities Research Council.  His piece, ECONOMUSIC: Keeping Score, has been performed in NYC at the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, and at festivals in Helsinki, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, at SF MOMA, and Barcelona.  His play, COINTELSHOW: A Patriot Act was published by PM Press and recently performed at the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Studio.

Bogad’s first book, Electoral Guerrilla Theatre: Radical Ridicule and Social Movements, analyzes the international campaigns of performance artists who run for public office as a radical prank. That book, and his many articles on political performance, are used in college classes internationally. His new book, Tactical Performance: On the Theory and Practice of Serious Play, analyzes and critiques the use of guerrilla theatre/art for human/civil rights, social justice, labor and environmental campaigns.  He also wrote and produced a documentary, Radical Ridicule: Serious Play and the Republican National Convention.

Bogad has led Tactical Performance workshops, helping activists create performative, nonviolent images to contest and critique power, in revolutionary Cairo, Barcelona, Riga, Helsinki, Reykyavik, Buenos Aires, Trondheim, across the USA and Europe, and for the Center for Victims of Torture.  He has been a commentator on political performance on Michael Krasny’s “Forum,” Air America, NPR, Pacifica, Peace Radio, and many other radio stations and programs.

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