A very serious culture policy of the Bay Area, 23 years into a world defined by eco-social conflict;)

Join Marc Herbst as he discusses his project completed at pro-arts, an illustrated book about the Bay Area cultural commons slowly emerging over the course of the coming 23 years. 23 years, emerging in affirmative response to twined problems of capitalism and climate change.

This is not a utopian project, but rather a retrospective critical theory of how our future was made between tomorrow and yesterday, dealing joyfully with death, chaos, displacement and the possibility for human creativity, nevertheless.

This is a project in 3 chapters, a chapter explaining the particular uses of culture in this future, a chapter on the history of this history’s arrival, a final chapter on the nature of culture and the commons.

There will somehow be some fun included in this presentation, because if we come together, its good to take joy in the opportunity of our creative potential.

The risograph printed zine, made in collaboration with Kalahati press, will be available for purchase.