TECHNE Teaching the Teachers Workshop at Pro Arts:

A free contact mic and deep listening workshop for Bay Area Girls Rock Camp volunteers. Only fifteen spaces available. Please rsvp by emailing

This workshop is for those interested in running their own Electronic Music Powered by Girls contact microphone building workshop. It will supply training and information to camp teachers and volunteers. During this session, Bonnie and Suzanne of TECHNE will demonstrate how to build the contact microphones, and the instrument built in our workshop. We will also go over the logistics of running the workshop, and discuss and demonstrate how improvisation and deep listening fits into our curriculum.

TECHNE is a national organization whose programs introduce young women and girls to technology-focused art making, musical improvisation, and community collaboration. As part of our objective to embed social justice issues into our work, TECHNE delivers its programming through partnerships with local, grassroots arts organizations that share an aligned commitment to racial and gender equity.

What is Techne?