Talking Birds: Keith Daly and Mark Michel on “Parrots & Raptors” and Other Avian Matters

Join Keith and Mark as they discuss birds and digress into outsider-insider art, auspicious coincidences, and life in Santa Cruz (aka Surf City). Part human sculpture, part contextual critique, Talking Birds’ backdrop is the ongoing blurring of art and bird-life.

We will also be treated to the sounds of “Birdday Afternoon.” This work stems from Brian Eno’s tweet (social-media birdcall) on the short enigmatic film “William Buys A Parrot” (1963) directed by Antony Balch, starring William S. Burroughs. Also for your listening pleasure will be Eno’s ambient masterpiece, “Thursday Afternoon” (1985), the first musical work composed specifically for compact disc.

While at the gallery, make sure to engage with Keith Daly’s installation at Pro Arts’ Project Space, entitled Parrots & Raptors. Parrots & Raptors is a site-specific installation by Keith Daly that features a revision of Pro Arts’ logo through painting, drawing, sculpture, ephemera, video and photography.

About Keith Daly

Born in Manhattan, Keith Daly has lived in over forty locations across the US, Europe, and Asia. He is currently based in Surf City, CA. Quoting Bob Dylan’s Tom Thumb’s Blues(1965), Daly continually claims that “I’m going going back to New York City”.  Daly earned an MFA from San Jose State University in 2016. He also holds a Post -Graduate degree in Political and Social Communications and a MA in Political Science from La Sorbonne. Daly’s artist books are in San Jose State University’s Library’s Special Collections. This year, Daly has exhibited at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and F at Embark Gallery. Daly is currently collaborating on a site-specific re-installation of Bruce Nauman’s 1970 San Jose State V-Shaped Corridor.

About Mark Michel

Mark Michel was born in San Francisco in 1954 to Chad and Marilyn who had met while attending San Francisco State. Their first child, he was joined by two sisters and a brother and they grew up in a secure environment surrounded by art, music and literature. Having owned and operated a bicycle shop in Santa Cruz for 30 years with a partner, and having left that business, he now is free to pursue his continuing interests in art, music, woodworking and gardening. Mark was first adopted by a small parrot in 1990 and another in 1991, Oliver and Cricket. They recently  passed away of old age and he has acquired another Conure because he couldn’t bear the thought of not having avian companionship. Bicycles remain a passion as well.


Keith Daly: Parrots & Raptors

Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 2017, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

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