As I sit in the garden, sipping my morning espresso, I witness the shapes and patterns of plants and trees that surround me.  This allows me to reflect on the fact that my pattern of behavior has been much influenced by my surroundings just as the plants and trees that are influenced in their patterns of growth from the natural environment, in addition to pruning and watering.  As I take my second sip, my mind leads me to the plan of the day.  From the direction to drive to get to work or a meeting, to what time I’ll get home, with everything in between.  With my last sip, I feel blessed to have this moment as I proceed with my day.

My new project Shapes & Patterns is present in my thoughts.  In specifically, how shapes create patterns, and vice versa.  How the design of our environment, be it nature or our built environment, has shaped my mind and body.  This inspired me to create a performance/multi-media project.  This project will utilize Butoh dance for movements, original music, as well as, video projection.  With my past few projects, I have wanted to share my work within the context of the public spaces.  As an artist, I am only framing the moment for daily pedestrians. 

As for the project itself, I see Shapes & Patterns, in three scenes, which could be in different order.  Movements, video projections, and music, all mediums aiming to reflect each scene, as follows:

Scene 1- We aim to evoke the natural environment, from how nature has influenced us.  Such as, usage of trails along rivers and around mountains, how we farm, and utilize water.  Fluid organic movement choreography, with images of natural settings, projected on the walls.

Scene 2- Utilizing images of cityscapes, highways, traffic, supermarket isles, machineries, with a series of repetitive movements, as well as, natural and electronic soundscape to accompany.

Scene 3- This part will emphasize our increased isolation through the abundant social media 24/7 usage.  How algorithms have and are continuing to shape us in these times.  From dating, shopping, ride shares, etc. 

I suppose, Shapes & Patterns, has been on my mind for sometime, but moments like my morning espresso, help me to inspire to share and frame creativity in our daily life.  We may give ourselves permission to allow our daily explorations to a conscience understanding.  


About Saw Ledoh

Ledoh is an internationally-renowned choreographer and performance artist. Ledoh trained in Japan under Butoh Master Katsura Kan (member of the radical 70s collective BYAAKOSHA), and has since electrified audiences around the globe for over 15 years with his riveting solo and ensemble performances.  Born into the Ka-Ren hilltribe, Ledoh came to America at age 11 to escape the oppression of his people by the brutal dictatorship holding power in Burma. As Artistic Director of SALT FARM, Ledoh choreographs with a raw movement vocabulary and directs the production of sets, video art, and musical scores to create a vital, visceral brand of live theater and site-specific installations that can soothe then shock within the span of a timeless moment.