SIGNMAN: John Law is a three-month long retrospective of the San Francisco based artist John Law, curated by Pro Arts’ Executive Director and Curator, Natalia Ivanova Mount. The exhibition Pro Arts Gallery includes rare documentation of events, pranks and explorations, neon art, and multi-media installations. 

SIGNMAN: John Law retrospective is accompanied by a public program, consisting of talks by several of John Law’s key collaborators and friends. 

In Conversation Public Program Series

Scott Beale & John Law | Saturday, August 24, 2019 | 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.


An early adopter of Internet based communication and social media; Scott was a primary figure in exposing the San Francisco’s artists & pranksters to the web. Long before Facebook, Scott’s “The Squid List” was how those interested in the SF underground found the most intriguing events, openings, shows, as well as other creative folks. Beale is owner of Laughing Squid, one of the oldest independent web hosts and culture blogs. Law is a minority owner and “Director of Special Projects” for The Squid. Beale was the first webmaster for Burning Man and, in his capacity as defacto scene videographer, filmed hundreds of Cacophony and early BM events and various other extreme group activities, taking place beyond the borders of normality. Beale and Law will discuss the interplay between and influence of the San Francisco underground on the nascent computer/internet/social media world of the 90’s in The Bay Area.