An Autonomous Fundraiser for The Universe Is  Lit: Bay Area  Black and Brown Punk Fest, which will bless various locations in Oakland and San Francisco August 3-6, 2017. For more information, visit

Featuring unique performances by :



Titania Kumeh is an art model, a performance artist, a writer, and a member of a punk band called Ugly. She is one of the co-organizers of THE UNIVERSE IS LIT.




Alexa Burrell is a Bay Area sound and visual artist who composes intricate sonic and video works consisting primarily of sampled and found media. Burrell’s works emphasize the textural and visceral qualities of body, voice and identity. She is a founding member of the women’s film collective, Stare Ahead Media, where she focuses primarily on intuitive story telling.

As a seasoned, multidisciplinary creative, Alexa combines her fine arts sensibility and mad design skills with a drive to make positive change happen. Visual storytelling through film, photography and animation come naturally to her. She also creates and produces music in several bands.

As a native Californian, she enjoys documenting the changing landscapes, ecology and communities of the Pacific Northwest. She also enjoys blackberries and El Yucatan hot sauce on most cooked foods




SHIZATIN!: multidisciplinary electronic music producer/DJ/ cultural contributor to many things pro Black , pro femme and pro heaux. SHIZATIN! works with the RATSKIN Records collective and has performed at numerous underground events in the Bay Area and beyond and is a resident at the Black Misfits monthly party as well as a part time resident at VOLTAGE DROP industrial dance party




Mother of the House of Infiniti

The Queen of Hell

Trans Woman of Color

Artist, Model, DJ, socialite, and aspiring Producer/Performer



A flower pattern is forgetting where you are for a second. It’s not paying attention to detail, or even caring. It’s about wasting time, just to do it.

Time is money, and money doesn’t matter.

Adrian Saenz is a visual artist living in Oakland, CA. Flower Pattern is a video/audio project regarding everyday consciousness and mass reality. Contact at



Adrian Saenz

Spellbreaker / Jade Ariana

Moor  Mother /  Black Quantum Futurism

There  will also be an artist edition   zine released in conjunction with the event which will be available for  purchase at the  event!


“Danger to The System”  series  is  a sound and mixed media performance series compiled by curator in residence Malocculsion / Anti- Art Collective. “Danger to the System” brings forth youthful, radical established and  up  and coming sound, visual    and  performance  artists working in a myriad of  refined  strategies and  structures to  subvert the  violent, racist, sexist political climate that has  dominated the art  and  performance world for  far  too long. This  series is a call to listening, action, and  resistance through sound, image, and  text. For more information please  visit and