A post-capitalist world will need a radically different way of thinking about and providing justice. Local experiments in restorative and transformative justice are underway and Lou Viquerat will present her own experiences as part of a larger community of collectivized households in using these new practices which seek prevention and transformation of those that commit harms, over retribution and punitive measures. The Alternative Justices project has been an attempt to positively impact both the justice system and rape culture. Alt-Justices have been working on various strands of this project for over two years in the framework of two co-living spaces, and are now moving beyond that. ‘Alternative Justices’ refers to the creation and application of multiple systems of justice that can transcend and transform the state and its flawed systems. This presentation will be part history of the project, part resources sharing, part Q&A and is envisioned as an invitation to take this work and use it to make impacts of your own.

This event is part of the Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival (May 1-6, 2018) in Oakland & San Francisco.

About the Speaker: 

Lou is a human who builds communities of people determined to create the change they want to see in the world. At Foresight Institute, she is responsible for nurturing a scientific community dedicated to researching and advancing technologies of fundamental importance for the human future. Lou resides at The Embassy SF, an intentional co-living and event space. There, she curates weekly salons about science, philosophy and society. As a mediator, Lou assists people through emphatic conflict resolution. 

About the Festival Organizers:

Pro Arts is a non-profit art institution working in the visual arts, performance, music, social practice, public art, and education. Founded in 1973, Pro Arts is one of the few remaining institutions in Oakland that is artist-centered and that continues to function as a platform for experimentation, supporting the freedom to create challenging, non-commercial work in critical art context.

Shaping San Francisco is a participatory community history project documenting and archiving overlooked stories and memories of San Francisco. We are committed to defining a new kind of public space, specifically around a shared interest in our interrelated social histories.


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