For their RATSKIN RECORDS debut, “I Am Invisible”, Wizard Apprentice reveals thirty two minutes of experimental, folk-oriented compositions for voice and electronics spanning across a vast landscape of melody, space, contemplation, storytelling, and idiosyncratic compositional strategies. “I Am Invisible” is an intimate exploration of thecomplexities of Carter’s vast array of folk based strategies of interpretation of meaning, memory, structure and form. Through warm, cinematic, funky, arpeggiated synthesizers, elegantly crafted string sections, complex, multi timbral drum programming and a uniquely refined, intimate, vocal presentation, Wizard Apprentice offers her most venerable and focused work to date. Catch her on a US tour starting September 14th at Pro Arts in Oakland, CA, running through November 2018. Advanced copies of “I Am Invisible”will be available on her US tour and released through the label on 9/28.

Wizard Apprentice is an independent electronic music producer, motion graphics and live performance artist. As a highly-sensitive introvert, her multimedia projects are strategies for energetically managing an overwhelming world. Her music is a combination of lyrical precision, minimalistic composition, and technically amateurish charm. She creates digitally-based media that takes advantage of accessible, user-friendly technology; allowing her to skip time consuming learning curves and get straight to focusing on inventing personalized yet highly relatable language for deeply subtle and internal experiences. She’s not a gear-head, rather, a digital folk artist who vividly and simplistically expresses her inner world using resourcefulness and honesty. Her video work incorporates green screen graphics, digital puppetry, and minimalistic compositing to produce imagery that’s cerebral, campy, and hypnotic. She combines song and video to create multimedia live performances that explore intimate emotional themes ranging from the challenges/triumphs of being an empath to overstimulation in the Internet Age”


Julius Smack is the stage persona of Peter Hernandez, an American musician and performer whose work philosophizes technology and modernity. In addition to music production and keyboard performance, he composes scores for woodwind and vocal ensembles, which is performed as Julius Smack Ensemble. His performances feature dance and theater segments integrating heightened drama, pedestrian movement, and vogue dance.

His discography includes solo and collaborative releases on Los Angeles-based Practical Records, which he directs as a shared context for performance and music releases by American queer, transgender, and POC communities. He performs in spaces ranging from institutions to farm stands to queer dance clubs. His work has been presented at Hammer Museum, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, the historic Aunt Charlie’s Lounge in San Francisco, Zebulon, Trans-Pecos, Human Resources, and Rogaland Kunstsenter in Stavanger, Norway.



HI SCORES is the brainchild of Oakland based producer Jason Stinnett aka JAYSONIK (HOTTUB/LE HEAT RECORDS) and Janaysa Lambert (MORTAR & PESTAL). Inspired by Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound juxtaposed with R&B harmonies and a 2 Step bounce, HI SCORES swerves between the two lane highway of fiction and fantasy.