RATSKIN Records. Explastical:

Sat, March 24th 
8pm – 11:30pm
$6 – 12 for space & touring artists


RECTRIX (providence, RI)

RECTRIX is the solo sound performance project of interdisciplinary artist Pippi Zornoza. Zornoza works with themes of horror and violence using samples, triggers, voice, constructed instruments and built environments that transform a grieving body into weaponized sound. She is a co-founder of the Dirt Palace feminist art collective in Providence Rhode Island. Formed in 2000, the Dirt Palace has since embodied the oxymoron of “Underground Institution”. Zornoza has performed in the musical projects VVLTVRE, Bonedust, Worms in Women and Cattle, Master of Pussy, Sawzall, and Wold. 


HOUSE RED (providence, RI)

House Red is the solo vocal project of Reba Mitchell (Whore Paint, Made In Mexico). Having explored unambiguous female rage in other projects, Mitchell relies on restraint and repetition in this deeply feminized loop-based vocal work to highlight isolation and stillness as a tools of survival. She is a former member of the Dirt Palace and founding board member of Girls Rock! Rhode Island. 




Danishta Rivero is a musician and sound artist based in Oakland. She is a vocalist who performs on electronics and the Hydrophonium, a water-based electro-acoustic percussion instrument she created. Rivero performs solo as well as with her electro-acoustic duo Voicehandler with percussionist Jacob Felix Heule. She is also half of Las Sucias, a feminist noise reggeatón duo with Alexandra Buschman. Previous projects include Blood Wedding, a just intonation noise duo with Chuck Johnson.




“E.Hernandez is the new project of Enrique Hernandez (Forbidden Colors, Bellona, Las Mano)



Bunnywhiskers  (DJ)