Please the Panel Discussion on “Art and the Allure of Power”. We will be investigating the reasons artists use iconography and objects of power/violence in their work, either physically or conceptually. Coming from a broad spectrum of performance and sculpture-making, the participants will ponder the implications of such involvement. Do we subvert it, or does it subvert us? Is there a sense of empowerment, aligning with these larger forces? What are the moral implications of using such power? Where does beauty and the sublime fit into it all? The absurd? What is the line between critique and indulgence?

Follow us down the rabbit hole…


Al Farrow— maker of large-scale models of religious buildings out of guns and ammo, wizard with metal (
Liisa Pine — SRL veteran from the late ’80’s to now, welding instructor, parachute enthusiast, general badass
Mark Pauline— SRL (
Rebecca Anders — Flaming Lotus Girls, contributed a piece to the DA’s “Art of Piece” show, also general badass (

Moderator: John Colle Rogers