Three sets of new and old works by California musicians featuring mechanical clarinets, balloon solos, awkward staring and an entrance into The Portal.

Admission $5/FREE with Pro Arts’ Membership.

ON STRUCTURE : Jessie Marino and Natacha Diels

On Structure is a sound-centric performance duo. The New York based ensemble uses improvised and composed sounds {and the fluctuation of these sounds} to brew transferable art pieces which may ravage the realms of the performer, audience or space itself. Uncovering the hidden motions of sound, freeing compositions from the fluorescence of the concert expectation. Topsy-turvy. Use of lasers, wigs, electronics, cellosandflutes; Repurposing life experiences for music glitches and muscle twitches. Eclipse boundaries of the stage.

Bryan Jacobs

The works of composer/guitarist Bryan Jacobs have been performed in the US and internationally by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Wet Ink Ensemble, Meitar Ensemble, the International Contemporary Ensemble, Ensemble Pamplemousse, Talea Ensemble, the pianist Xenia Pestova and more. He has received awards and commissions from La Muse en Circuit, The American Academy of Arts and Letters, Bourges International Electroacoustic Music competition, MATA, Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music, and RTÉ Lyric FM, and his work is available on a recording put out by La Muse en Circuit. Jacobs’ teachers include Denys Bouliane, Fred Lerdahl, Fabien Lévy, George Lewis, and Tristan Murail. He holds graduate degrees from McGill University and Columbia University.

Madison Greenstone

Madison was born in California, and completed her Bachelor of Music degree at the Eastman School of Music in 2014.  She was a receiver of a DAAD (Deutscher Akademisher Austausch Dienst) that enabled her to teach English at the Universität zu Köln during the 2014/15 academic year. She has participated in the Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (2012/14), Manifeste Académie (2013), the IMPULS Akademie (2015), and the Klangspuren International Ensemble Modern Akademie (2015), and has studied with Kenneth Grant, Jon Manasse, and Carl Rosman.  Aside from clarinet, she is also interested in the metaphysics of wordplay, translation and hearing, ideas of Being, and speculative philosophy.  Currently, she is creating on a text that works to pull these seemingly disparate areas together to illuminate and articulate the ineffable in music.

Madison studies at UC San Diego, where she is pursuing her Master of Music in contemporary music performance, where she studies with Anthony Burr.  She is the clarinetist in the [Switch~ Ensemble].

Chris Wood

Chris Wood is a social cyborg with practices in the performing arts and electronic music. his performances cross and combine the mediums of music theater, electro-acoustic composition, performance poetry, sound installation, and fixed electronic media. In performance, he combines physical and emotional endurance with theatre, movement, and custom analog and digital electronics to create situations of emotional and social renegotiation. His work asks questions like: how do the vibrations of sound effect our social situation? What effects does internet-based sociality have on our physical presence and community awareness? How can empathy be encouraged as common practice within an urbanized locality?

Raised in Indiana, he lived in Chicago before coming to Mills where he co-founded and continues to perform/curate/create with Mocrep, a performance collective dedicated to the collaborative creation, curation, and performance of radical art that engages with contemporary culture – aesthetically, socially, and politically. He is currently based in Oakland pursuing his MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College (2017) and is a Curator in Residence at Pro Arts Gallery. He’s studied with Laetitia Sonami, James Fei, Fred Frith, Maggi Payne, Pauline Oliveros, John Bischoff, and Zeena Parkins. He has performed and shown work in Oakland, Chicago, NYC, Toronto, Berlin, Munich, Darmstadt, Tashkent, and Graz.