Pro Arts presents a night of three contemporary experimental music duos at the top of their game: Ahleuchatistas, touring from North Carolina, and locals, IMA and Voicehandler.

Ahleuchatistas (Asheville, NC) is guitarist Shane Parish and drummer Ryan Oslance on a musical odyssey of pure imagination, limitless in influences, combining tight-knit composition with improvisation, and delivering powerful live shows. This year they performed at the illustrious Who’s Who of the Avant-Garde, Big Ears Festival. On their latest album, Arrebato, Ahleuchatistas make mammoth melodic tectonic movements that raze and reshape conventional sonic terrains. Having released a number of albums on evergreen avant garde houses Cuneiform and Tzadik, their latest album, Arrebeto, teams them with International Anthem, a new Chicago-based label committed to cutting edge jazz and improv.

IMA is the electro-percussion duo of Amma Ateria and Nava Dunkelman. Pushing the boundaries of breakage in frequencies with their array of metallic nature. Intricately textured and tightly performed, their music is as evocative as the most highly-acclaimed contemporary film soundtracks. IMA has performed and collaborated with avant-garde pioneers Ikue Mori, Fred Frith, John Zorn, and many others.

Voicehandler plays intuitive, incantatory music grounded in the most primitive and somatic instruments — the voice and percussion — juxtaposed with contemporary, disembodied electronics. They deconstruct song forms in relation to mythology and literature to explore our humanity and the shifting discourse surrounding it. Voicehandler is the Oakland duo of Jacob Felix Heule and Danishta Rivero.