This show features visiting musician Reyna Ripper, and local dark industrial musicians, Jungle Junk (also originally from Puerto Rico), Demongay, and Thoabath.


Timbalerx (LA)

Reyna // Ripper (PR) 

Originally from Puerto Rico, Reyna Tripper is an L.A. based trans experimental/noise musician.

Jungle Junk

A solo alias of Alexandra Buschman, best known as 1/2 of Reggaeton Noise duo, Las Sucias. Alexandra has recently returned to the Bay from a year spent in her native Puerto Rico.


“Erica is a producer whose style fuses Techno, Acid and House with a dark industrial Witchhouse aesthetic. Erica’s sets are the perfect recipe for peak-time dancefloor madness and yet dreamy enough for 4am dreamscapes.”


Thoabath is a solo electronic/ambient/noise project of Oakland’s Andy Way. Firmly rooted in the most vile, wretched and smoldering aspects of noise/power electronics, Thoabath also delves into dub, dark wave and minimalist industrial.