Did you know there was a speech that Nixon would have read if the Apollo 11 astronauts did not return from the Moon? Mugwumpin is obsessed with it and dreaming big. Join us for their first explorations, buy as Mugwumpin dives head-first into space, click time, contingency plans, and our hunger for what lies beyond.

About Mugwumpin:

Mugwumpin is an award-winning San Francisco theater and performance company, part of a wave of young American companies who are expanding the art form by questioning the primacy of text and narrative in theater and playfully transgressing received notions of the audience-performer relationship. Since its founding, Mugwumpin has created 13 evening-length productions and many smaller performances, all of which premiered in the Bay Area. The company’s first show, Rabbit Causes Dog, was named Best Play at the 2004 SF Fringe Festival. In 2008, Mugwumpin thrilled international audiences at the Cairo International Festival of Experimental Theatre with its original work Super:Anti:Reluctant. In 2010, This Is All I Need played to packed houses and universal critical acclaim in San Francisco. It was named Best Play by both SF Weekly and the San Francisco Bay Guardian before embarking upon a successful European tour in 2011. And their most recent productions, Future Motive Power and The Great Big Also, reaped sold-out houses and critical praise for their “provocative images and ideas” and their “urgent call for us to question our ideals and associations and to cultivate that other, neglected American quality: staunch individualism” (Lily Janiak, HowlRound).
Mugwumpin is a Member of Intersection for the Arts Fiscal Sponsorship Program. Intersection provides resources, community and cultural space in order to contribute to the sustainable practices of artists and arts organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Intersection is San Francisco’s oldest alternative arts space, providing fiscal sponsorship, networking, consulting and presenting opportunities to artists.

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