Presented by Pro Arts Gallery & Commons, MOVEMENT OF BELONGING is a participatory workshop facilitated by kate spacek that invites attendees to get to know the concepts of Othering and Belonging through movement and co-creative art experiments. 

Participants will leave with new awareness around how they can hone their own unique Belonging sensor to foster Belonging around them, while at the same time tightening their bond with the Artist within. Movement of Belonging is a long-term project, and this session serves as a first step in shaping what is to come. (Join the Movement as it’s being born!)

No experience necessary – only curiosity, and maybe comfortable clothing for non-strenuous movement. All physical abilities welcome!


About Movement of Belonging

MOVEMENT OF BELONGING is a long-term initiative that aims to cultivate deeper awareness around Othering and Belonging, instigate meaningful community dialogues, birth collective imagining, and foster Belonging in real ways. Key project phases include (1) SPARKS: inquiry + multisensory awareness, story sharing, and movement, (2) ROOTS: collaborative arts-based investigations, and (3) RIPPLES: participant-driven public showcase and engagement. Movement of Belonging reveals all humans as creators (aka, Artists) with the potential to transform realities. As the project propagates, a Public Imagination Collective grows into a repository of activated projects to be adapted by other schools, community groups, municipalities, and organizations – locally and around the world.

kate spacek is an artist; her medium is people. She designs and facilitates co-creative experiences that foster belonging, agency, and ownership. Each experience connects people, sparks new ideas, instigates relevant dialogue, and stretches what is possible.