Chicago-based performance group Mocrep creates new collaborative performance works with local multimedia artists: Readymaids, Chris Wood, and Brendan Glasson. Following the ensemble’s first week-long residency in Oakland, the night will be the manifestation of Mocrep’s uniquely refined collaborative practice: a one-of-a-kind, site- and community-specific; a multimedia performance not to be missed and not easily forgotten.


MOCREP is a collective creating radically experimental, interdisciplinary, and collaborative performance. Comprising 13 performers, our practice takes sociality as its starting point; our work is predicated on an investment in our relationships with each other, our collaborators, and our communities.

Mocrep blurs and blends disciplines, often calling into question the validity of discipline itself as an organizing principle for art and arts communities. Equal parts music, performance art, video art, and movement, the ambiguity of our varied and fluid practice reflects the complexity of our culture and our relationships. Our work subverts the rigid structures that circumscribe relations among artists and commodify the products of their labor, creating new frameworks for communication between artists, audiences, material, and virtuosity.

Mocrep has presented work at the Art Institute Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Arts Club of Chicago, and was one of three ensembles to be invited to the prestigious Ferienkurse fuer Neue Musik Darmstadt in 2016. Its cultural partners in Chicago include Goethe-Institut Chicago, Lumpen Radio, Illinois Humanities Council, Parlour Tapes+, High Concept Laboratories, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), and Ensemble Dal Niente. Mocrep has held residencies at Mana Contemporary Chicago and dfbrl8r performance art gallery, and undertakes a residency at Stanford University in 2018.

ReadyMaids, Anna Muselmann and Rachael Cleveland, create site specific, movement-based performance work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. With backgrounds in dance, visual art, philosophy, semiotics, sports, and landscape architecture their work explores perception at various temporal and spatial scales, from the personal to the ecological. They are particularly curious about demystifying dance by drawing on everyday movement and sound as expressive material available to all embodied life. The sensory intimacy of sound is fundamental to their work as it reveals the primal, spontaneous, and uninhibited. Collaboration is central to their creative process and interest in supporting new perspectives and techniques of expression.

Rachael Cleveland is a movement-based artist, dance teacher, and landscape designer. Anna Muselmann is a painter and experimental dance-filmmaker who uses color and composition to bring emotional focus to often-overlooked pedestrian details.

Chris Wood is a social cyborg with practices in the performing arts and electronic music. His art crosses and combines the mediums of music, theater, dance, text, projections, installation, and social practice. In performance he combines physical and emotional endurance with theatre, movement, and custom analog and digital electronics to create situations of emotional and social renegotiation.

He moved to Oakland from Chicago where he co-founded and continues to perform/curate/create with Mocrep, a performance collective dedicated to the collaborative creation, curation, and performance of radical art that engages with contemporary culture – aesthetically, socially, and politically.

He is based in Oakland where he received his MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College (2017). He currently is the program leader of a digital media after-school program for After-School All-Stars, is the performance curator in residence at Pro Arts Gallery, and runs the diy performance venue ‘martial arts’. He has performed and shown work in Oakland, Chicago, NYC, Toronto, Berlin, Munich, Darmstadt, Tashkent, and Graz.

Brendan Glasson (b. 1985, Providence, RI) is a composer and multimedia artist based in Oakland, CA, where he is an MFA candidate in the Electronic Music and Recording Media program at Mills College. Brendan has performed works at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, the MUDAM museum in Luxembourg, and the RISD museum in Providence, RI, and has held residencies at the Hewnoaks Artist Colony in Lovell, ME. As a musician, he has performed with many diverse acts, including the Providence Research Ensemble, the William Winant Percussion Group, and Sigur Rós.