Minted is a multi-disciplinary survey exhibition of recent graduates from the MFA program at San Jose State University. Curated by artist and Co-Founder/Director of the stARTup ArtFair, Ray Beldner, Minted reveals and challenges current trends in Bay Area Art. The exhibition includes artists working in photography, painting, sculpture, digital media, and conceptual practice: Hung-Tsu Chen,  Keith Daly, Rick English, Dan Fenstermacher, Nin Filip, Isaac Lewin, Moira McDonald, Crystal Morey, Elina Peduzzi, Tijuana Rick (Ricardo Cortez), Zartashia Shah, and Carly Slade.

The title of this exhibition refers to the common phrase, newly minted as in a shiny new coin. It is a play on words: currency, as in money, and currency, as in the newness obsessively sought by the Art World, which is then transformed into currency, as in money.  San Jose State is less central to the “Capital A” art scene than the twin MFA beacons of CCA and SFAI. Thus, this exhibition provides an interesting counterpoint to the prevalence of local exhibitions featuring work by CCA and SFAI grads, and the oft-grumbled theory that there is a homogeneity to that art, due to the social and cultural aspects of sharing the same education.

There are some common threads in this diverse group of artists.  Ephemerality and nostalgia are explored in both the photographs of Rick English and the mixed media paintings of Zartashia Shaw, whose collages incorporate text in her native Urdu and watercolor, chosen for its ephemeral quality.  Using recontextualized objects and patterns to comment on cultural identity are present in the “Chica-new media” art of Tijuana Rick, who presents a paleta pushcart with video art on small LCD screens. Also, Carly Slade’s wall-based sculptural installations center on meticulously crafted ceramic models of industrial buildings reminiscent of those from her childhood in Alberta. To present an alternative history where the masculine-centered blue collar culture is inclusive of the feminine, Slade’s pieces incorporate fabrics and patterns from embroidery. Consumer culture plays a role in the work of both Elina Peduzzi, who uses the medium of jewelry to comment on social inequality, and Isaac Lewin, whose work on language, text, and mark-making take the form of retail signage.


Opening Reception
Friday, September 2, 2016 | 6:00 – 9:00 pm | Pro Arts Gallery

Gallery Talk: Congratulations, you have an Art degree – now what? with Ray Beldner
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 | 7:00 – 8:30 pm | Pro Arts Gallery