Pro Arts is proud to present Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky, a solo exhibition by Michelle Kuen Suet Fung.

Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky addresses the collective memory of Chinese modern history to envision China’s ecological future from the unique vantage point of Hong Kong.

The exhibition includes Chinese Pop propaganda banner paintings and posters, each promoting Polluta, a futuristic dystopian community in the imaginary country Contradictoria. In 2084, Contradictoria has solved its pollution problem with Plan Polluta. Under this plan, industrial waste is condensed into building bricks, which are used to build archeologies called Polluta – a floating green vibrant live-work colonies for artists!

With Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky, Fung’s goal is to make sense of modern Chinese history and project a future as a Hong Kong-er. This attempt is similar to the way that many Californians feel like today, when making sense of recent American political events.



Michelle Kuen Set Fung currently lives and works in Hong Kong and San Francisco. Owing to her multi-faceted background and international outlook, Fung draws inspirations from a wide range of sources and popular sub-cultures including fairy tales, children’s picture books, the Japanese Otaku, fifteenth-century European etching, as well as traditional Chinese painting. Fung explores the relationship between animals and humans from various intellectual and philosophical angles whether emotional, sustenance, or environmental.

Fung’s works have been exhibited in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea and China. Her work Plastic, plastic, every where! received the Grotto Award, Hong Kong Baptist University (2015) and Award of Excellence, Fourth Greater China Illustration Awards (2016) and was recently shortlisted in the Hong Kong Young Writer’s Competition (2016-7) hosted by Joint Publishing and Sun Hung Kai Properties. Fung’s exhibition I Don’t Know if You Know How Much I Love You (2012) was the inaugural solo show at Hi Art, a gallery owned by Beijing art tycoon Wu Jing.

Fung has participated in prestigious artist residencies including Banff Centre, Canada, Island Institute, Alaska and Art Omi, NY. Her work has been featured ins RTHK, Sing Tao Daily and Hong Kong Economics Times, and are in international private collections and as well as the Canada Council Art Bank.