Join us on Sunday, January 26, 2020, between 2 – 5 pm for an informal gathering and short presentations by several women-owned, Oakland based, fashion design houses.

Refreshments and sweet tunes. Nibbles by Tacos El Precioso.

This public program is developed in conjunction with Ledoh’s Shapes & Patterns Artist Residency at Pro Arts Gallery & COMMONS.

Ledoh’s Shapes & Patterns site-specific, public intervention and performance is centered on how shapes create patterns, and vice versa, within our built and natural environment. This project will utilize Butoh dance for movements, original music, as well as, video projection. As an artist, he is only framing the moment for daily pedestrians. 

Photo Credit: Monet Clark, “Pool Ready” 2019 @ Fort Mason


Margarette Laizure from Margarette Laizure Designs 

I am an independent artist/designer living in Oakland, CA. I am a California girl all the way to my toes even though I have lived in places as far away as Budapest, where I studied painting and anatomy. Thus, I approach apparel design with the sensibility of color and proportion of a painter. My studies in apparel design included pattern making, draping, costume design, sewing and tailoring.

My clothing designs are classic, chic and fun. I use rich fabrics for all my designs, the best quality I can find. Although I have a line of best sellers, some of my pieces are eclectic and one-of-a-kind and designed for the modern woman. The same holds true for my new tango category collection. Using design elements and principles, I strive to make each piece able to stand on its own, integrate into an existing wardrobe or worn with other pieces in my collection.

Being an independent and local designer is very rewarding and often exciting as I often “spot” someone in town wearing one of my pieces. When I’m not creating things, I’m either walking my dog, reading, swimming, cooking something good or at an art museum or gallery to be inspired.


Paula Pfotenhauer of JEAJA Design Studio

From sewing prototypes, pattern making and grading to extensive overseas factory sourcing and inspection, Paula Pfotenhauer has immersed herself in just about all angles of making clothing for other companies for most of her life.

10 years ago she resettled in Oakland and took a solo direction with the garment industry. This meant local and small batch. She now works extensively with new designers bringing their designs to life and illuminating the pathway to manufacturing locally and if they are ready, over seas.

She has her own line- JEAJA- that is made locally and entirely from reclaimed fabrics , salvaged from businesses and factory closings. 

Her design aesthetic could be defined as simplicity with a fitted tailored edge, an eye for fine fabrics, and an insistence of quality construction.

She’s excited to be a part of Meet the Designers: Made in Oakland event and meet more of her community. She will be talking about what it’s like to design and manufacture locally and the challenges of combatting waste in a wasteful industry.

You may reach JEAJA through  or follow @#jeajaofoakland