The workshop presents a library for the Pure Data programming language – an open source visual programming environment for interactive computer music and multimedia.

The ELSE library developed by Alexandre Porres – is a huge library dedicated to implement electronic music techniques and interactive/generative computer music.

We’ll also check the quite extensive Live Electronics tutorial by Alexandre Torres Porres (, which uses Pure Data and the ELSE library to implement a wide range of computer music theory and techniques.

In the workshop, we’ll cover some synthesis and processing techniques. We’ll build a modular synth and other creative examples with the provided tools and topics.”


About Alexandre Torres Porres

Alexandre Torres Porres has a masters in composition and a PhD in computer music. He’s a Pure Data expert and active in the Pd community as a developer of externals and tutorials. As a composer and musician, he’s collaborated with several different projects in pop/experimental, interactive installations, eletroacoustics, improvisation, noise & chamber/orchestral music. He’s mostly active in the experimental music scene. His solo performances are mostly live electronics setups developed with Pure Data and his externals, and they usually follow a drone and noise aesthetics.