In response to the recent crackdown on underground music venues, Pro Arts is stepping up to present shows normally found in un-permitted warehouses and private homes. This concert brings together a handful of Los Angeles and local acts performing weird and wonderful electronic music.

PRESENT (Los Angeles)

PRESENT is a Los Angeles based quartet performing heavy experimental music. Their atonal compositions abandon guitars and lyrical form in favor the melodic dissonances of female sax, synthesizer, and vocals seated atop a hectic percussive intensity. Non-traditional linear song gives way to free form passages, often in collaboration with other artists.The tone of their music invokes influences of 20th Century Classical, Black Metal, Japanese underground, Anarcho Punk, Jazz and outsider art. Live shows are often accompanied by performance art, projections, improvised noise. Pussy (Oakland)[embedyt][/embedyt]Tainted Pussy strives to deliver the lowest fidelity covers of songs from a variety of genres and imbue them with the perspective of our feline companions. Our music, much like us, can be moody yet luscious and filled with yearning and purring. We claw and hiss but aim to miss. We aim to Catify. Come! Let us scratch your ears with our No Wave, Low Wave, Nightcore minxyness.”Believe me when I tell you these girls have put their time in on the Oakland Scene; I’ve been right there beside them.” – Smoke Persian (former member)DivineBrick (Los Angeles)DivineBrick Research Projects traces the steps that connect all practices.  The goal is to manifest a practice that informs and awakes performer and witness.  An exploration in sound and movement this project continues the exploration of Corporeal Reformation.  Self accompanied (drum machine, the Buto’ Fluto’ {a wooden head piece decked out out with circuit bends and an analog synth}, and loop pedal).

poopdood (Los Angeles)

Foot SOS (Bay Area)Foot SOS is Angela Roberts, Dianne Lynn, and Theresa Currie: Power electronics and Noise

FootSos…Sticky sweet 
Is these three ladies or what
with some secret
returning to subterfuge
or something like a tribute band
of lost nostalgic selves.
Is it bad times for gluttons and
low-carb false consciousness?
Or the burnt burrito butt
of at least one former sugar baby
turned sugar cougar. Vegan nut cheesin’
in the Bay 100% natural flavoring.
Tartine dumpstering:
A collective fiction or queef
centric punning? Memorable ditties!
Definitely 85% human.
Or more like uhhhh 2sweet 2B 4 gotten