La Jétee and The Embassy: Chris Marker’s Revolutionary Time Machine

As part of the exhibition Time Machine, Pro Arts will screen two short films, followed by an informal discussion and cocktail hour.

Time Machine, by Lauren Marie Taylor, curated by Angel Rafael Vázquez-Concepción, is on view in the gallery from Sept 7 – Oct 21.

The Embassy (21 mins), Chris Marker’s short ‘docu-fiction,’ features a group of political dissidents held-up in an unnamed embassy in the days after Pinochet’s military junta that resulted in the death of Socialist president Salvador Allende. Through the style of his narration, much more is revealed than what is actually spoken, ending in a what may be seen as either a stunning confession or damning judgement of the Left. La Jétee (26 mins), Marker’s only work of science fiction, takes viewers on a trip to an apocalyptic post-war future in which experiments in time travel become lessons about the nature of memory. 

This event is made possible by the Beneficial State Foundation.