Parrots & Raptors is a site-specific installation by Keith Daly that features a revision of Pro Arts’ logo through painting, drawing, sculpture, ephemera, video and photography.

Rearranging the letters within “Pro Arts”, the two anagrams that emerge are “parrots” and “raptors”. These two opposing bird categories reveal a dichotomy within the same species as well as present a double-metaphor for the current art world: a vibrant place of creative experimentation and a highly-competitive and predatory arena. At the core of Parrots & Raptors, Daly questions where do artists, art enthusiasts and workers stand in relation to this duality? And how easy is it to differentiate between these two archetypes?

With its overabundant bird motif, the work appears whimsical, and even bordering on the absurd, but ultimately, it unfolds as a critical analysis of the arts’ current creative ecosystem. Drawing inspiration from Pro Arts’ name and mission, this project is intimately (and perhaps parasitically) bound to site, and cannot be relevant elsewhere.

In connection to this exhibition, Daly will release a companion book, Carrots & Tractors, which explores the project’s parallel storylines. Several of the works will be available in limited edits. All sales will support wild-life bird protection.

Parrots & Raptors is in memoriam of Kevin G. Daly (1943-2017).


Born in Manhattan, Keith Daly has lived in over forty locations across the US, Europe, and Asia. He is currently based in Surf City, CA. Quoting Bob Dylan’s Tom Thumb’s Blues (1965), Daly continually claims that “I’m going going back to New York City”.  Daly earned an MFA from San Jose State University in 2016. He also holds a Post -Graduate degree in Political and Social Communications and a MA in Political Science from La Sorbonne. Daly’s artist books are in San Jose State University’s Library’s Special Collections. This year, Daly has exhibited at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and F at Embark Gallery. Daly is currently collaborating on a site-specific re-installation of Bruce Nauman’s 1970 San Jose State V-Shaped Corridor .


Talking Birds: Keith Daly and Mark Michel on “Parrots & Raptors” and Other Avian Matters

Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 2017, 6 – 7:30pm

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Parrots & Raptors is funded in part by generous grants from The Zellerbach Family Foundation, The Fleishhacker Foundation and The City of Oakland’s Cultural Funding Program.