In 1999 Oberhausen introduced the world’s first festival prize for music videos made in Germany. The impulse to create this award arose out of the observation that music videos had increasingly managed to emancipate themselves from their purely illustrative and advertising function, transforming themselves into a completely indie – pendent form of visualization. Today, music videos have proven themselves to be an independent short film genre that even managed to survive the decline of its midwife, music television.

2016 MuVi Award hour-long program presented by Goethe Institut and Pro Arts Gallery, gathers together all the works nominated for the 2016 MuVi Award, part of the 63rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2016. In its years of existence, the MuVi Award has become a crossroads and forum for directors, labels, the music press and the short film scene – a place both to make discoveries and to be discovered. Stay for a reception after the screening of 2016 MuVi Award, including Q&A session with film producer and writer, Corey Tong, and some “old schule” German music from the 70s and 80s.


MuVi Award selections include:

1st Prize 

All Day (Drunken Masters feat. Tropkillaz)

Andreas Hofstetter, Germany, 2015, 4:00, color, no dialogue

There is a good girl. And there is the Internet. This might seem weird but this might be real.

2nd Prize

Organ Movement (Elmer Kussiac)

Guillaume Cailleau, Germany, 2016, 11:30, color, no dialogue

Waves tie relentlessly…tying / Big and blue, I wander / Timelines devolve / I am looking under / While the water breaks /

Special Mentions

Perry (Aloa Input)

Susanne Steinmal, Germany, 2016, 3:30, color, no dialogue

An adaptation of the story of ‘Michael Kohlhaas’, set in the club context. A visual drug trip that eats its way through the Internet and seizes upon pop-cultural phe- nomena. The process of helping oneself to things on the Web is laid bare.

If I Were a Sneaker (Die Goldenen Zitronen)

Ted Gaier/Schorsch Kamerun/Timo Schierhorn/ Katharina Duve, Germany, 2015, 5:30, color, no dialogue

The lyrics illuminate the juxtaposition between Europe’s closed-door immigration policies and the free global movement of consumer items. Visually, we are invited into the world of the successful elite where every key position is occupied by – supposedly – immigrants.

MuVi Online Audience Award

Boogieman (Olli Schulz)

Jan Bonny, Germany, 2015, 7:30, color, no dialogue

Tired of being despised by his colleagues – a bunch of lowbrows and machos – Mr. Lorenz opposes them and designs his own evening adventures. Free from all constraints and insults, he devotes himself to the charm of the night, of alcohol and karaoke bars.


COREY TONG: Film Producer, Writer, Public Relations/Film Consultant 

Image Credit: Corey Tong at the Berlin & Beyond 2017 / Dig In Magazine / Cindy Maram

Corey Tong is a film producer, executive producer, producers rep; he is also a creative consultant in public relations, film festival and exhibitions programming/curating, sales/acquisitions based in San Francisco and Hawaii.

He recently attended the Internationale Kurtzfilmtage Oberhausen (International Short Film Festival Oberhausen) in NRW Germany as a guest of the festival’s International Visitors Programme in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Corey is a producer of the new film FOREVER, CHINATOWN (USA, 2016, doc); executive producer of the Oscar®-nominated and Emmy-winning LAST DAY OF FREEDOM (USA, 2015, doc); producer of feature drama THE LAND HAS EYES (Fiji-USA, 2005; Sundance; official Oscar-submission Fiji); producer of BEYOND THE TEAM (USA, 2013, doc). He is also a consulting producer on the new documentary DEFENDER (world premiere April 2017, San Francisco International Film Festival).  New projects in development include films and cultural projects based in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Vietnam, Hawaii, New Zealand, UK, Germany, France, Brazil.

He is the former director of the San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festival (CAAMFest) and former IFFCON director of special projects (film co-production, development, packaging), and has also partnered with distributors, film festivals, markets, exhibitors, institutions including: ArcLight/Pacific Theatres; Frameline LGBT FF; Regent/Here! Releasing; Shaw Media (Hong Kong); HAF (Hong Kong-Asia Film Forum); PPP (Pusan Film Festival, South Korea); DGFK e.v. Arts Foundation (Berlin); Forum des Images (Paris), San Francisco Film Society/SF Int’l Film Festival, Larsen Assoc. Film PR, Landmark Theatres. Corey has also sat on numerous juries and panels at film festivals/markets including (partial list) New Zealand DocEdge FF, Busan FF, Hong Kong IFF, OutFest LGBT FF, Frameline LGBT FF, Hawaii IFF, LA Asian Pacific FF.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Corey has worked in international film, media art and film exhibition, public relations and events in Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Jerusalem, New York, Hawaii, Hong Kong and the Pacific Northwest (Seattle; Portland; Vancouver, BC, Canada) and is based in San Francisco and Honolulu. He is a former architectural designer (B. Architecture & Design) and production designer, and has worked and traveled extensively through North America, Eastern and Western Europe, East and South East Asia (including China, Russia-Siberia), parts of the Middle East, Pacific/Oceania-Australia, Brazil.


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