Pro Arts Gallery is proud to host the second day of Oakland’s International Noise Conference

Conceptualized by RAT BASTARD, (Miami, FL music anti guru, ambassador of all concepts  in extreme art, and recipient of a Knight Foundation award),  International Noise Conference (INC) is a showcase of local extreme audio performances which culminates in a set by Rat’s touring group, Laundry Room Squelchers. The local acts are selected by a local artist/curator, and are given a few simple rules: NO LAPTOPS, NO DRONING, 15 MINUTES MAX!

International Noise Conference – Oakland Day Two
*curated by : Sharkiface
Bran…Pos (San Francisco)
Mitchell Brown
False / None (Oakland)
STFE (Oakland)
Julia Mazawa (South Bay)
Moira Scar noisecapade (Oakland)
Sharkiface (Oakland)
Tralphaz (Alameda)
Piano Rain (Oakland)
Thomas Dimuzio (San Francisco)
Jacob Felix Heule/Bill Orcutt duo
Thomas Dimuzio (San Francisco)