Intentions. Transfer and Disappearance II by Eva Davidova is a short animation loop, addressing a post-capitalist future in which our future techno-centric identity, constantly manipulated by computers and ‘cold’ data, has the potential to expose the power relationship of control between the powerful and the powerless. This form a synthetic freedom, largely based on the latest technological advances, is constructed rather than natural. What if we employ the digital tools available to us and use the failure in representation to our own end, as a means of protest? Will we see the emergence of non-dualistic, perhaps even primitive, early version of ourselves? Can this dystopian future be subverted through a software glitch, one that exposes the limitation of technology to authentically represent humanity?

With the flavor of Ballardian science fiction, Eva Davidova uses photography and 2D animation to construct two identical images of a human face. These mirrored images act as a visceral reminder of the failure in representation when reliant on cutting-edge digital tools. The first image remains intact when observed while the second (a 3D model), in which all gestures and emotions are perceived as mistakes by the software, and the same data does not result in the same image. The ‘stranger’ in this case, inhabiting the digital spaces (and behaving on our behalf) acts as a gate through a new type of “otherness”. Welcome to the future.

Intentions. Transfer and Disappearance II by Eva Davidova with the assistance of media artist Fan Feng from San José University. Performer Thisby Cheng.

About the Artist

Eva Davidova is a Spanish/Bulgarian multidisciplinary artist based in New York.

The issues of her work—behavior, cruelty, ecological disaster and manipulation of information emerge as paradoxes rather than assumptions, in an almost fairy-tale fashion. Her practice involves drawing, performance, installation, computer generated 3D sculpture and photo-based animation.

Eva Davidova has exhibited at the Bronx Museum in New York City; Everson Museum, Syracuse; Albright Knox Museum, Buffalo; MACBA, Barcelona, CAAC Sevilla; Instituto Cervantes, Sofia; Contemporary Arts Center La Regenta and many others. She received the 2008 M-tel Award for Contemporary Bulgarian Art; the 2009 Djerassi Honorary Fellowship; fellowships for many artist residencies programs; and support from the Shearwater Foundation. Davidova was an artist in residency at Residency Unlimited, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts / Art Works Grant.

Recent shows include Intentions at ZAZ 10 Times Square billboards, Collapse of Vision at Equity Gallery New York, Birds Birth at the ASU Emerge Festival and at the PhotoEspaña Festival in Madrid; the curatorial project Happenland at Radiator Gallery in NY; Playground for Drowning Animals; and Transfer and Disappearance at the Media Center by IFP in New York.

Intentions. Transfer and Disappearance II is produced with the help of Fan Feng (SF) and made possible by the Zellerbach Family Foundation.

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